11 сентября 2013 г.

Orgatanatos and Plandercozeron - Equal (2013) [nk127]

Artist: Orgatanatos and Plandercozeron
Album: Equal   ///   September 2013   ///   Nowaki Music [nk127]
Tracklist (05 tracks):

02.cold emission
04.inconceivable senses
05.Rain in Pripyat'

Total time: 00:22:47
Genres: Glitch, Clicks'n'Cuts, IDM, Ambient
Artwork by M.J.
Release: Nowaki Music Bandcamp
Liner Notes: All tracks programmed, produced and mastered by Orgatanatos and Plandercozeron
2012-2013 Uzbekistan, Tashkent | Russia, Ivanovo

Atmospheric post-digital music is the way of Orgatanatos’ music making : errors, failures, accidentally shooted acoustic situations of entirely adverse events.

Plandercozeron from Ivanovo, Russia. Introvert, misanthrope, technocrat, signsystem-man. Started trying to figure rationalism and introversion in music.
"I write music to fill the void in my existence"
Likes kubofuturizm and amazing drums!
But somehow Plandercozeron also writes lovely ambient-dronescapes. And... its mean that glitch have place to be in. Orgatanatos thinks.

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