12 июля 2015 г.

flΛwrex_Sc!nt (2015) [BSL057]

Artist: Orgatanatos
Album: flΛwrex_Sc!nt   ///  July 12, 2015   ///   Brainstorm Lab [BSL057]
Tracklist (14tracks):

02.intellΞctual psγchosis
10.Rasa# in F.O.K.E.
13.▲zure F╬esh

Total time: 01:00:10
Genres: idmcore, Glitch, Experimental
Artwork by Orgatanatos
Release: Brainstorm Lab | Bandcamp
Liner Notes: All tracks programmed, produced and mastered by Orgatanatos
2011-2015 Uzbekistan, Tashkent

A heavily conceptual album bordering on the maximal side of minimalism, and following in the vein of deliberately dehumanising sound. The idea of a bored AI resorting to producing electronic music to pass the time, however improbable, is something I'm sure many a producer can identifiy with - both in relation to boredom and in occasionally feeling artificial (possibly the result of prolonged proximity to machines). The result is 01:00:10 of intercepted communication - to you the interpretation..

Part of a twin release this album is the first of two (conceptually if not by release date!) Check out the second part by Orgatanatos on Russian label MNMN (http://mnmn-rec.ru/releases/details/325 | http://orgatanatos.bandcamp.com/album/-)

artificial intelligence at the station freely drifting in space after 1400 years of departure from the earth. this artificial intelligence came (from boredom, most likely) to independent conclusion to create music. its last journal tests consisted in research of spatial deformations. well, computer also described them by means of means available to it. there was exhaustive amount of information about the native planet in station database, on a case of contact with other civilizations. there was also some part of musical contents of the human message, to cut to pieces which for the initial material wasn't any difficulty. represent that you the inhabitant of absolutely other world. and space forces of your planet find this capsule in a far region of the galaxy. that artificial sound conclusion was found among of all data in this capsule. pleasant listening!

искусственный интеллект на свободно дрейфующей в космосе станции после 1400 лет отбытия с Земли пришёл (скорее всего со скуки) к самостоятельному, независимому ни от кого, умозаключению создать звуковые файлы описания последних журнальных тестов исследования пространственных деформаций с помощью средств, доступных ему. в станционной базе данных было исчерпывающее количество информации о родной планете, на случай контакта с другими цивилизациями. была так же и некоторая часть музыкального содержания человеческого сообщения, которую нарезать в качестве исходного материала не представило никакой трудности. представьте, что вы житель абсолютно другого мира. и космические силы вашей планеты находят эту станцию в отдалённой части галактики. и среди всех прочих данных в капсуле было обнаружено то самое звуковое умозаключение. приятного прослушивания!

вторая часть альбома выпущена Российским лейблом MNMN records

-Hi Julian, tell shortly about start up of BSL
-I started Brainstorm in Rome in the late 90's with my best friend TopforTom. It wasn't supposed to be a label, more like an imaginary umbrella corporation for different A/V collaborations of our group of friends - that is why it was a brainstorm - at that time the site didn't exist and we just made bootleg CDs. 
When I moved back to London in 2002 we set up the website and started doing digital releases and putting the collaborative projects online - that is when it became brainstormlab (because all the brainstorm urls were taken).
From about 2003/4 I started to get in contact with other electronic producers from all over the globe, mainly through myspace, and then meeting them for different gigs - many of them are still family for me.

-Do you know about the second part of flAwrex_Sc!nt's album you are realising? Did you hear anything else from Orgatanatos?
-Yes I heard Digital Ghosts and another album by Orgatanatos.
I only discovered π  a week ago - i am listening to it while writing this..

-tell about music which you collect on BSL label
-When we started we never wanted to follow a specific genre or style (that was the whole point of it)
Obviously we embraced things like electronic tools and glitch aesthetic but it is not the law.
But of course over the years the artists have defined BSL and made it what it is.
I like to think that each artist is representative of a unique style within a rather broad but still niche genre I cannot define!

-I know you write music, what does this project mean to you?
-It has meant different things to me at different times and it has played different roles in my life
(good and bad) but making music is one of the best feelings in the world

-what do you know about vk.com/idmclub?
-I am not a member and I can't read cyrillic but I know they discuss some of our releases there!
It would be interesting to understand the feedback..

-and anything about MNMN label?
-I did not know of MNMN label before.
Now that I do I will be listening to the extensive discography over the coming weeks!

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